Retirement is a myth for 80% of people.

Ever since you were in school, somebody at some point likely told you to stock away money for retirement. If you were anything like me – you nodded and agreed yet proceeded to do precisely nothing about it. Heck, even most go-getters probably capped off at opening a retirement account and perhaps putting a piggy bank’s worth of money into it; it just isn’t practical to tell young people these things because it makes no sense: “you want me to put away money I barely have to maintain my current needs for a faraway date that I don’t even know if I’ll get too?”

The classic young, wild, & free take. Lets not forget about that great spirit known as ambition: Who knows, maybe you’ll start a cozy business that sells for millions? Or find an already wealthy spouse? Get famous?

The future is so abstract, so many branching trees from here to there and each decision containing a seed of hope that it’ll be the one to catapult you to wealth & security. Not even accounting for opportunity cost:

“Why save now? I gotta get out there and take risks! Live life!” many will likely say. Grabbing the bulls by the horns.